What is Stand Up Paddle Surfing?

SUP is the abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle. It is a variation of surfing in which you stand on a wide, extra long surfboard and propel yourself with a long paddle. This newest water sport is known by many names including Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Stand Up Paddling, Paddle Surfing, SUP Surfing, SUP Boarding, Stand Up Surfing, and Paddle Boarding.. But whatever it is called Stand Up Paddle is the newest sensation in water sports and is spreading like wildfire on all bodies of water across the globe.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing History
As with all water surfing, most if traced back to the south pacific islands and Stand Up Paddle surfing is no exception. Stand Up Paddle Surfing can be traced back to the Waikiki beach boy surfers of Hawaii in the early 1930’s such as Duke Kahanamoku. They would ride their longboards and use outrigger canoe paddles in order to take pictures of tourists learning to surf.

The resurgence of the sport today is because of renown watermen such as Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama in Maui, Hawaii. They were looking for a way to stay fit and get on the water on flat days, but soon found that Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a blast in the waves too. The sport quickly spread all over Hawaii and spilled out into California, Australia and Europe. It is now becoming popular worldwide and spreading along not just coastal waterways, but inland waterways such as lakes and rivers too.

Why is SUP becoming so popular?
Stand Up Paddling is spreading so fast because it’s a versatile sport that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. Whether it be in big surf, tiny surf (SUPers can catch the tiny waves that can’t support regular surfers) or on flatwater. And then there’s the added benefit of a total body workout. Stand Up Paddling builds strength through balance and resistance and is especially good at working the core muscles of your torso. Plus you can get a cardio workout by simply paddling faster. It is an excellent cross-training exercise and can be done on lakes, rivers, the ocean or any waterway. But mostly, Stand Up Paddle is growing so fast because it is just so fun!

Stand Up Paddle is designed for all ages and abilities. Many people find this sport easier than surfing which makes it so popular. It is a great full body workout, significantly improving balance, coordination, strength and endurance. It is a perfect way to see the beautiful coastlines of the Central Pacific from the open waters. The area offers several beaches which are ideal for Stand Up Paddling.

What is the future of Stand Up Paddle boarding?
Stand Up Paddling is fun, versatile, and keeps you fit. That is why it is the hottest new water sport. It is can be a peaceful paddle on flatwater or it can be an intense workout if you paddle hard. It is perfect for surfing big waves or small waves. Long distance racing is becoming popular as is whitewater river running on paddleboards. Even SUP Yoga classes can now be found! People continue to find new ways to have fun with this simple board and paddle. As long as there is water on our planet the future of Stand Up Paddle Boarding looks bright!

Stand Up Paddling has gained popularity and interest throughout the world over the past few years, and the SUP scene in Costa Rica is no different. Costa Rica offers some of the best Stand Up Paddle anywhere in the world. From lush endless coastline to volcanic lakes, there is the perfect place for everyone. When creating this SUP program it seemed inevitable to integrate other aspects of the Costa Rican culture as well

Why surf and stand up paddle boarding in Jaco?
The Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is not only known as one of the best surf spots in the country, it’s also the easiest and quickest beach in the country to reach from the international airport in San Jose. Long stretches of coastline with beach breaks and some point breaks make the Central Pacific a great place for beginner surfers to learn or for more advanced surfers to catch waves in some of the most legendary beaches around. Regardless of your ability, the warm waters and mountainous coasts provide the perfect backdrop for surfing in Costa Rica.

How do I get involved in Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Jaco Costa Rica?
First, all paddle surf equipment is provided. You’ll learn everything you need to know to paddle proficiently and safely! Stand Up Paddle Surfing gives you an intense full-body workout which builds up strength in the body’s core muscle groups. Our SUP instructors are expert surfers who instruct and monitor you in the water; they are encouraging and adjust their teaching methods to accommodate different people.

On the sand, you’ll learn how to stand up, balance using careful foot placement, how to hold your paddle, and slow down or speed up with gentle weight shifts. After a few practice exercises close to shore, you’ll paddle out to the surf zone.

Your instructor paddles with you at your pace. The long, flat board gives you a sturdy base of support and control in the water. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be addicted to the pleasures of Paddle Surfing like a pro. Come join the newest surf craze with SUP’s here in Jaco Costa Rica. We will teach you how to use the paddle, board, work with the waves. Best news is we are not limited to tides like tidal surfing. SUP boarding can take place in all waves and water conditions from flat to roaring waves. During relaxing tours, it is possible to travel the local waters and check out the marine life from a completely different approach.

No matter how or what way you want to work with the board, we have the best training available to guide you in this exciting experience.

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